Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ion I*PAK Infusion Flat Iron

Ion I-PAK Infusion Vapor Styling Iron

I bought this flat iron from Sally's for $71.99 with my Beauty Card :-) Yay for rewards.

I PAK Infusion Styling Iron. Included in the package was, of course, the flat iron, a back-up tank (where you put the argan oil solution), and the Argan Oil Solution.

This flat iron has a temperature setting from 300 degrees to 450 degrees. It also
has a steam setting that goes from no steam to little steam to a lot of steam (depicted by cloud puffs).

I also got a couple of freebies with my purchase: a stripped tote (large enough for my laptop and binder), and a flat iron holder.

Enjoy a few videos below of naturals who have used it. I will try to record or at least photo-document when/how I use it.


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