7 Tips and Tricks Saving Materials Food In Fridge

Saving Tips Foodstuffs In Fridge - food items that are usually stored in the kitchen such as vegetables, fruits and spices cooking is a natural substance that is fresh and perishable if not stored properly.

Although you can save by storing in the refrigerator, but the refrigerator not be the only place that could save foodstuffs remain durable. Here are some easy tips for storing food in the refrigerator to make it more durable.

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Do not store potatoes together with onions
Both potatoes and onions do not need to put the refrigerator, but do not store it in a container. The content of sulfur in onions can affect potatoes and make a quick foul. So do not store potatoes with onions close together.

Wrap leaves in plastic
Leafy vegetables will last longer if it is bound like a bouquet of flowers and wrapped in plastic before being put into the refrigerator. This method can prevent wilting and yellowing vegetables quickly.

Leeks in a plastic bottle
Do not waste bottles of mineral water, you can use it as a place to store leeks to keep them fresh.

Save the potatoes together with apples
There is content in apples can prevent or preclude the potatoes to sprout. The potatoes were stored for too long will usually grow shoots, nah save with an apple that did not sprout.

Discard rotten apple soon
Rotten apple or other fruits that rot better immediately discarded, if not, can infect other fruit to rot.

Rub butter on cheese before being put refrigerator
Cheese will become dry and tough if entered wrapped refrigerator without anything. To avoid this, rub the butter into the surface of the cheese, then put in a container or plastic, and you still have a soft cheese every time you want to use.

Hanging bananas
Do not keep bananas in a way put on the dinner table. This speeds up the decay. Bananas hanging on a hanger so that the surface is not depressed and the banana skin is not quickly blackened and rotted.

Well, that's a few tips and tricks storing food in a refrigerator for durability. To be effective, do not forget to always clean the refrigerator so than the rest of the vegetables or food. Hopefully Saving Tips beneficial Foodstuffs In Fridge