7 Tips To Make The Meat Tender

Tips to make the meat tender - Normally, when buying meat, a lot of obstacles that will be experienced by mothers before processing the meat is tough cooking results. Meat sometimes be difficult because of the wrong way to cook and so forth. You can mengempukkan meat by beating it, but this is rather tiring and it also can destroy the texture of the meat.

There are so many natural ingredients that you can use to mengempukkan meat before cooking, these friends.

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Papaya leaf
Carica papaya contains papain enzymes that break down proteins thus making the meat tender meat. The trick is easy, take a few pieces of papaya, knead together the meat and wrap the meat with papaya leaves and allow up to 30 minutes, can only be processed.

Fruits rich in vitamin C also contains material that can break down proteins and make the meat tender. You simply grab a taste of pineapple, shredded or destroyed, then coat the meat. After allowed to stand 20 minutes, rinse well and can only be processed.

Apple vinegar
Apple cider vinegar can also be used. One apple juice, then soak the meat with apple juice. Allow one hour before it could be cooked.

Fruit is expensive too bad if used as ingredients meat tenderizer, but if you want to try it also allowed. Kiwi contains a substance called actinidin that could make the meat tender. Enough knead and let kiwi fruit caress the flesh. After 20-30 minutes, rinse and meat ready though.

Lemon juice
Similarly, pineapple and apple cider vinegar, lemon juice can also mengempukkan meat. But you have to wait, approximately 1 hour only be soft and the meat ready to be processed.

Tomatoes can be crushed and smeared on the meat. Knead the meat along with tomatoes and let stand approximately 40-60 minutes in order to tender.

Black coffee
Coffee grounds can also make the meat tender. Mix with a little water then smeared into the meat. Can eliminate the odor prengus and ready to cook.

Well, hopefully the tips to make the meat tender upon successful and useful for you yes ladies. Please try.